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AZ Share That You Care

Andreana Salvemini

I am staring at the page wondering how to begin this entire reflection of what happened at the AZ Share That You Care event on Saturday.

So I’ll just start typing.

Why I am writing this is because I am so humbled.

Honestly, I normally don’t read blogs, emails, texts, ect. that have lots of words. I will totally understand if you don’t read this. It is more for me than others, but I had to write it. I may not put it on the blog. Not sure yet…

I have grown my business through markets. Artisan Markets and Phoenix Public Market. I haven’t participated in an event in awhile. So I was a bit out of practice this past weekend. I have shown there since the beginning, and Maggie has worked hard to make this grow for the community, local artists, and small businesses. Plus, a portion of the proceeds go to charities. I am proud to be able to be a part of it, and to be surrounded by so many talented artists.

Not only did I have people from past markets contact me and pre-order, I had those who have bought a ton of bracelets from me who only came there because I was there. Therefore they also bought from other vendors. They would show me what they got when they came back for the finished bracelet. Which made me feel good.

Yup. It was wild. It went in waves. Super cool.

I almost cancelled because I didn’t have enough bracelets to show. Yet again. I got up at 3 am to try to at least get something on the boards. I was tired.

Decided to go anyway and I am glad I did. The feeling of people randomly showing up just for L&L??? Getting awesome hugs from them??? So many genuine people out there. Elisa, Sasha, Denise, Lisa, Danny, Craig… ect… Thank You.

Just typing. Things from my gut.

I take pride in myself for giving time to people who, not only come to my booth, but convo or email me. It is not a forced thing or something I think about. I seriously love hearing stories and learning about others lives. And just being real. Not in a Facebook way. More one on one.

I will say it right now. I don’t love social media. But it has to be done.

I do have to admit that I have learned a lot from FB though. Cool Elephant videos, You Tube funny posts when I need to shut this crazy brain down.

Ok. Now I am rambling…

I have been told by mentors that I spend too much time catering to others. That I am a people pleaser. (I call it a PP) (I totally love parenthesis by the way) “Why are you changing one thing on the bracelet? That is what they get!!!” A Time Sucker is another cool reference.

I know this. But the cool thing about being an entrepreneur, is that I can do what I want. Sounded selfish but it isn’t. I would have people waiting on bracelets, but that one person who needed a special stone because her sister was going through crazy cancer issues? You just stop everything and focus on what they are going through. The others get to wait.

Yep. Still just typing. Looked up and noticed I said cool a few times. Which is cool.

I should make bracelets. Thank you Thank you Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all who have supported me this entire journey. Ups and Downs. Owning your own business is far from easy, but I would never change or regret the choice I have made.

Plus, I don’t have to scrape crap off of people’s teeth anymore. : ) (I wanted to write shit instead of crap, but I didn’t)